In keeping with our mission to create opportunities, choices and support for people with disabilities, GENESIS DEVELOPMENT operates a number of enterprises as vocational training centers for those in the Work Services (WS) program. This program addresses each person’s need to be productive and gainfully employed.

Training experiences are provided within the work centers as individuals are assisted with basic work skills including attendance, promptness, safety, respect for property, appropriate personal hygiene, listening to and following directions, increasing performance, displaying initiative and attending to tasks. Interpersonal skills such as honesty, accepting correction and direction, requesting assistance and working with others are also developed.  Participants earn real wages for real work done. 

Work opportunities are provided in our corrugated box-manufacturing plant, commercial laundry, promotional printing facility, recycling center, can redemption center and in various subcontract situations, such as assembly, sub-assembly, packaging, salvage, etc.


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