Discovery is an opportunity for individuals to socialize with others, both within Genesis Development and out in the community.  A wide variety of activities are available to provide meaningful leisure experiences for those involved. Individuals are encouraged to make their own choices, to integrate with the community, to interact socially and to enjoy some leisure time through a wide variety of activities.

It is the purpose of this program to improve the quality of life of the participants by providing experiences which strive toward the least restrictive, most community based setting. It is designed to develop individual potential and raise self-worth and self-sufficiency by providing choices and support.

            Activities Include:
            Social Interaction
            Leisure Activities
            Physical Fitness
            Daily Orientation/Current Events
            Community Awareness/Involvement

Discovery Programs are offered at the Boone, Grinnell, Guthrie Center, Indianola, Jefferson, Storm Lake, Toledo, and Winterset sites.